No Spam Policy


Spamming means sending any form of an advertisement (either by email or newsgroup posting etc) to people who have not requested to receive it.

Jogena's is NEVER involved in any illegal spamming activity. We believe in promoting your website through moral and ethical means. Quite simply, there is no point in spamming when there are better ways to promote?

Please note that anyone can forge the "From" field in an email to make it appear that the email is coming from an innocent party. The only way to know where the email is actually coming from is to check the header of the email.

Please also note that we do not send any email in HTML format. All of Jogena's email is sent in plain text format. So if you received an email that includes pictures or any HTML formatting it did not come from us. We only send email to those who have submitted an article, ezine or ebook to our directories or subscribed to our newsletter or contacted us for some other information. Period!

We also do not send any solo ads. We do not sell or promote pharmaceutical products, financial products or any other product not related to our ebooks and our directories!

We do not tolerate any form of spam! If someone has spammed our website to you, we want to hear from you.

Please forward the entire email (including the headers) to us here: NO SPAM and include any information you have regarding the incident so that we make take the appropriate action to stop it.

By working together and not purchasing products advertised through spam, we can do our part in putting a stop to SPAM.

Here are some sites that explain in great detail how to find out where your email is coming from:

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