How Can You Make Your Ebook Sell? 

OK, if you are going to attack ebook publishing seriously, then you need to understand the difference between a few simple terms: 

  • Publishing an ebook is not the same thing as marketing an ebook.

  • Marketing an ebook is not the same thing as selling an ebook.

  • Selling an ebook is no guarantee of wealth. 

Got all that?

Publishing an ebook simply means you are making it accessible to the masses for purchase. 

  • Marketing an ebook means you are creating an awareness of its availability and value. 

  • Selling your ebook means you are actively exchanging your ebook for money. 

  • Getting rich is about marketing your ebook more and more aggressively to the masses, and the masses buying it.

That said, there are a few things you need to do to position your ebook for sales:

  • First, you must realize that if you have a creative work of fiction like a novel, the chances of it selling in large volume and making you wealthy and famous are very slim indeed. If you have an informational product that will appeal to a target audience, your chances of sales success are greatly improved.

  • Second, you must realize that your ebook, no matter how wonderful it is, will not sell itself. If you are an unknown author, people do not know you even exist. And if they do not know you exist, then how will they ever find your ebook? You must promote yourself and your ebook aggressively and voraciously, and once you pick up some momentum, continue the aggressive promotion.

  • Third, you must have an ebook that appeals to the masses. There is more bad fiction out there than you can imagine. So many people fancy themselves writers. So many believe they have written the world’s greatest novel. So many believe they have a unique story to tell. The truth is most of their books are not original, not well written, and will never sell.

  • Fourth, if you decide to market an ebook, you need to make it easy to find, easy to read, and easy to purchase. Then after the purchase, you need to stay in touch with your audience and build an extended family of readers. If you are loyal to them, they will remain loyal to you and continue to purchase your future ebooks for years to come.

I advise you to stop here before moving on, and reread this Introduction. Once you have these thoughts ingrained, feel free to move on to learn more.


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