Why Ebooks?

I first became aware of ebooks in 1993 when I discovered a growing subculture of online marketing gurus who claimed to know how to make money on the Internet. They all offered their courses in ebook format that could be purchased and downloaded from their web sites. I bought them all: Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders, Michael Campbell, Rick Beneteau, Yanik Silver, Mark Joyner and many others. I examined all of them and looked for patterns.

Some of these marketers have built huge, multi-million dollar businesses revolving around the promotion of their knowledge. For the most part, the content is excellent, even when the writing is technically not perfect. The presentation is usually very thin – just the facts. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. It’s hard to be critical when you realize that most of these writers have consistently made a lot of money over the years, and will no doubt make millions more in the years to come.

How Do They Do It?

How do the experts make their ebooks sell? It is actually very formulaic. Regardless of actual content, the ebooks are pretty much written and marketed and sold the same way each and every time -- a cookie-cutter approach that seems to work and gets easier and easier after their first successful release.

They write an ebook that contains information that people are hungry for – in the majority of cases; this information is about making money. Consider the real estate mavens like Ed Beckley or Robert Allen who sold videotape courses on television throughout the 1980s. As the Internet began to grow increasingly more commercial in 1993, it presented such industry experts with fertile ground on which to raise new crops of readers.

These experts created powerfully worded sales pitches on their web sites -- long sales letters with lots of examples of people using their methods to make money – tons of testimonials. Their sales message grew more and more compelling. The more you read about their product, the more you wanted to have it. You didn’t just want it – you needed it.

They priced their ebooks above market expectations, often over $200.00, to separate themselves from the pack. Such prices seemed to say, “My book is of great value, and it can only be purchased by those people who will use my knowledge effectively.” And they sold ebooks -- virtual mountains of ebooks. 

And these experts make millions more, year after year, by building ever-growing cults of affiliates who help to market their ebooks on their own web sites in exchange for large sales commissions – some paying over $100.00 per sale. 

Affiliate Webmasters place banner ads and endorsements on their sites – visitors click on these ads to learn more about the ebooks – and when they purchase the ebooks, the Webmaster receives a big check. There are Webmasters who make over $10,000.00/month from the sales of such products, so naturally they are very loyal to these information ebook gurus.

These initial ebooks typically are followed by more ebooks, and with an established audience, future sales become easier and easier. In a very real sense, the first ebook lays the groundwork for building an unlimited money machine.

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