Can You Make It As A Writer?

Presumably you have purchased this ebook to learn more about how to sell your own ebook. There are two kinds of books: fiction and non-fiction. You either write about that which has never happened or about things that happen to us everyday. You are either a poet or novelist or a journalist and subject matter expert. 

In both mainstream print publishing and electronic online publishing, the books or ebooks that sell the most are not the world’s greatest stories but ebooks that share knowledge and experience in fresh, compelling ways.

That may be a big disappointment for those of you who are creative writers. Sorry, but it’s best to state these truths in the beginning. 

This does not mean there isn’t a place for creative writing or that creative writing does not have a market – far from it – consider the huge commercial successes of fiction writers like Stephen King or John Clancy or even the classic authors of the last 100 years. However, those authors who write informational ebooks frequently outsell the ebooks of creative writers. 

I am telling you this to better manage your expectations. You may believe that you have written the world’s greatest novel. Perhaps you have, but the harsh truth is it will most likely remain unread by the masses. Neither editor, nor publisher, not reader will embrace it. It will not rise to the top of the bestseller list. And you will not become famous or wealthy from it.

There are exceptions. I went to school with someone who eventually became a published, best-selling novelist. His first and second books have done well in both hard and soft cover, and he is now at work on his third and fourth novels. His name is Alan Jacobson and you’ll read more about his thoughts on book marketing later on. 

I know other authors who have done quite well, too. Their successes are but a fraction of the total number of authors out there seeking fame and fortune through publication. 

The vast majority of author’s works remain unread, and that’s partially why I created EbookoMatic – so unknown authors could have a vehicle to showcase and sell their works electronically. 



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