Why Do We Write?

Thatís a question I often asked my students. Why do we write? We write to share our hopes and dreams, our aspirations and fears, and our ideas and knowledge. 

Not everyone is a natural born writer. 

Some have the desire, but not the mechanical skills and abilities. Some lack the breadth and depth and richness of language. Others simply believe they have a story to tell, but in reality they lack a voice of their own and the quality of content. 

Not everyone was born a writer. 

This does not mean they cannot be taught to write well. Anyone can acquire the skills to do so. When I was lecturing, I encountered many students for whom English was their secondary language. Perhaps they were great communicators in their native tongue, but making the transition to English, with all of its innate complexities, was possibly the biggest challenge of their lives. My job was to help them to discover the words to verbalize their thoughts, and to show them the basic constructs of combining those words to form the written sentence. And from those sentences came incredible observations about the world around us -- and many wonderful stories.



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