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eBook Submission FAQ's

The number one question that we receive is...

Where is my ebook listed? I can't find it anywhere!

Our first response is...

Did you send back the verification email that was automatically sent to you when you submitted your ebook?

This is the number one reason an ebook isn't listed.

This verification email serves a couple of purposes.
a.) It reduces the number of spam submissions we receive.
b.) It gives us permission to contact you in the future. (Please note that the email address used when submitting your ebook must match the email address you use when sending back the verification email.) You have the option of opting out of future emails on the submission form but the verification email must still be returned. We will not contact you if you opted out.

REMEDY: Re-submit and send back the verification email.

Our second response is...

How long has if been since you submitted your ebook?

At present it can take as long as 6 to 8 weeks for your free listing to appear.

REMEDY: If you want a speedier listing you can check out our Star Listing Service.

Our third response is...

Did you provide a link back to our site (free listings).

The link back to our site must be located on the same page that you submitted to be listed in our directory. The code is:
<a href=""> Jogena's eBook Directory</a> - Your one-stop ebook spot!

REMEDY: Re-submit and include the code on your page.

A few other reasons your ebook may not be listed are.

Inappropriate content.
To many ebooks listed on the page you submitted or the ebook submitted could not be found.
Your site was down when we visited.
You submitted a link directly to your ebook. Please submit the link to the page describing your ebook.
You submitted an affiliate link.

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