prairie dog ebook
prairie dog Is a prairie dog right for you?  Are you right for a prairie dog?  Find out with our "Peaches The Prairie Dog" ebook.

Before your get one of these little critters, let Peaches help you answer a few very important questions:

  • Are You Ready For A Prairie Dog?
  • Are Prairie Dogs Fun?
  • How Do You House Your Prairie Dog?
  • What Do Prairie Dogs Eat?
  • Why Isn't He Cuddly?
  • You Mean They Bite?
  • Feeling Under The Weather?
  • There's More?
Keep in mind that prairie dog pets are not the same as guinea pigs or hamsters. They are very unique in both their behavior and the type of care that is required.

Thanks for the great information I received in your prairie dog ebook! It sure made getting acquainted with my new prairie dog a much easier experience! Threasa A.

Great ebook! I'm sure glad I found it. Now I understand why my little baby gets so cranky when winter arrives! Ken H.

Go ahead and spend only $7.95 now to get some great tips and save yourself and your potential pet a lot of heartache later on.

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Fine Print: This ebook has been written from years of personal experience and through communication with other caring prairie dog folks. It does not cover every aspect of prairie dog care. But is meant to be used as a tool to help you decide if a prairie dog is right for you and perhaps help care for the one you may already have. Always seek the advice of a certified veterinarian for your pet care needs!


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